Woman Found Her Service Dog Wriggling in pain After She Let Him Outside For A Moment

This story speaks about a sweet two-year-old Shih Tzu called Gizmo who is completely beloved by Mandy Garner’s family.

Actually, Gizmo is a very essential part in Mandy’s life as he is her service animal. One day inside her home in Baytown, Texas Mandy let Gizmo go outside to relieve himself as what she always does.

It was a daily act but that day something unexpected happened. She says that she went back to her home to finish her work, but when she went outside to bring Gizmo he was completely shaking and there was something wrong on his face!

So, Mandy directly picked up her playful dog and took him directly to a nearby vet to be examined. However, a variety of tests were performed to know what happened with Gizmo.

Sadly, the vet found that there were many chemical burns to Gizmo’s face. He stayed at the hospital for a week to be treated. Unfortunately, his situation was so bad as his eyes will need to be removed due to the burns.

So, Mandy decided to call the authorities for investigation. To make things even worse no one of the Baytown Police Department did anything as they said she does not live in the city limits of Baytown so there were no charges for animal cruelty.

She also said that she called the Houston SPCA but she knew that no one will do anything. Finally, Harris County Sheriff’s Office says that they are investigating the case, according to PEOPLE Pets. We all hope that Gizmo will be completely healed again, and the responsible persons receives the punishment they deserve.

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