The visitors that the doctors received will be unforgettable! It was an astonishing moment when three elephants wandered around the corridors of an Indian hospital.

On September 3, a video went viral depicting three elephants wandering through the corridors of Binnaguri Army Camp Hospital in West Bengal, India. In the footage, one elephant is seen entering a doorway backwards, fitting its large body into the narrow corridor. Despite the commotion, the animal stood still for a moment as staff members snapped pictures in awe. As two other elephants followed the first, an employee could be heard shouting “woah, woah!” from a distance. The animals eventually entered a doorway and left the hospital.

A footage that was widely shared on September 3rd shows several elephants inside the Binnaguri army camp hospital in West Bengal. In the video, one of the animals enters the corridor backwards, squeezing its large body through the door. Two more elephants follow behind.

One of the employees can be heard shouting “woah, woah!” from a distance as the first elephant enters the doorway. The shouting continues as the other two animals follow suit.

Susanta Nanda, an Indian Forest Service officer, shared photographs of the unusual visitors on Twitter, with the caption: “Elephants in the room… From Jalpaiguri Cantonment.”

According to a report from Indian Express, the staff were left intrigued by the unexpected visit from the elephants.

Susanta’s post on Twitter drew a lot of amused comments, with one person exclaiming “Oh my goodness!” and another imagining “woah, imagine someone coming out of a room.”

And one person joked, “Inspection by the special tusk force.” Staff at the hospital were amazed by the incident. It also attracted many online commenters who joked about the “elephants in the room.” Susanta’s Twitter post received many amused comments, with one person writing, “It was a surprise inspection visit to check if everything is well in the hospital, is what I understand!”

However, not everyone found the visit amusing. Some used the post to comment on nature and habitats. One person stated, “I think this happens when we occupy their habitat and make structures on their land. It’s their land and they want it back.” Another agreed, stating, “Finally, let them take custody of their own property and land which actually belongs to them, not humans. Good job done by Lord Ganesha.”

Another person “loved the pics” but added that elephants “always have the first right” as humans have encroached upon their space.

Notably, some commenters expressed concern about the impact of human activities on the habitats of wild animals.

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