The exquisite snowy “bird” of East Asia is the white egret orchid

Many plants can make us marvel at the wonders of nature, and the white egret orchid is one of them. The flower looks like a flying white egret and is nothing if not elegant and beautiful.

White egret orchids are usually found in Japan and China. Because of habitat loss and over-collection, they are endangered in their natural habitat. Fortunately, the flower is relatively easy to cultivate, so you can still see these lovely “birds” in flight in many places.

Here is a group of photos about the stunning “orchid.”

The flower looks like a white egret in flight. /VCG Photo

It is usually found in Japan and China. /VCG Photo

It prefers warm weather and thrives in the summer. /VCG Photo

The flower is endangered in its natural habitat. /VCG Photo

The flower blooms in July and August. /VCG Photo

The flower is rarely seen in wild. /VCG Photo

Beautiful white egret orchids. /VCG Photo

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