Rare Leopard Species Welcomes First Set of Triplets in Decades

While leopard cats are typically considered a species of Least Concern on the IUCN Red List, they face endangerment in Taiwan where they frequently make the news after being struck by vehicles while crossing forest roads. To address this issue, Taipei Zoo, the largest zoo in Taiwan, is joining other organizations in providing medical care to these injured animals prior to releasing them back into the wild.RW5kYW5nZXJlZF9MZW9wYXJkX0NhdF9Nb21fR2l2ZXNfQmlydGhfVG9fVHJpcGxldF8xMy5qcGc=.pngThe keepers at this zoo had a reason to rejoice on March 2, 2021, as something remarkable happened after two decades. Ping Ping, a female leopard cat, who had recovered from injuries and mated with another injured leopard cat called Xiao Yu at the zoo, gave birth to three adorable cubs in a peaceful spot around 6 p.m. This was a momentous occasion for all those involved.RW5kYW5nZXJlZF9MZW9wYXJkX0NhdF9Nb21fR2l2ZXNfQmlydGhfVG9fVHJpcGxldF8xMS5qcGc=.png

RW5kYW5nZXJlZF9MZW9wYXJkX0NhdF9Nb21fR2l2ZXNfQmlydGhfVG9fVHJpcGxldF8xMi5qcGc=.pngThe litter size of a female leopard cat typically ranges from two to three kittens in their natural habitat. But for the past two decades, the workers at Taipei Zoo have never encountered newborn triplets until recently when Ping Ping gave birth to three adorable kittens.RW5kYW5nZXJlZF9MZW9wYXJkX0NhdF9Nb21fR2l2ZXNfQmlydGhfVG9fVHJpcGxldF8xLmpwZw==.png

RW5kYW5nZXJlZF9MZW9wYXJkX0NhdF9Nb21fR2l2ZXNfQmlydGhfVG9fVHJpcGxldF8xNC5qcGc=.pngMao Xiong is the older of the two sisters, and Hu Lixiu is the younger one. Their brother goes by the name of Hu Liwang.RW5kYW5nZXJlZF9MZW9wYXJkX0NhdF9Nb21fR2l2ZXNfQmlydGhfVG9fVHJpcGxldF8xNS5qcGc=.png




RW5kYW5nZXJlZF9MZW9wYXJkX0NhdF9Nb21fR2l2ZXNfQmlydGhfVG9fVHJpcGxldF8xOS5qcGc=.pngPing Ping was provided with additional nourishment and supplements while the little felines were monitored to ensure they received ample sustenance for their healthy growth and development.RW5kYW5nZXJlZF9MZW9wYXJkX0NhdF9Nb21fR2l2ZXNfQmlydGhfVG9fVHJpcGxldF8yLmpwZw==.pngNot long after, the experts handling the leopard cat at Taipei Zoo observed some changes in the female’s hormones, which indicated that she was pregnant. In the month of February 2022, the female leopard cat, Ping Ping, gave birth to another baby. It is worth mentioning that the population of leopard cats in Taiwan has drastically declined to below 500, making every new addition a precious gift to the conservationists and caretakers at Taipei Zoo.RW5kYW5nZXJlZF9MZW9wYXJkX0NhdF9Nb21fR2l2ZXNfQmlydGhfVG9fVHJpcGxldF8zLmpwZw==.png




RW5kYW5nZXJlZF9MZW9wYXJkX0NhdF9Nb21fR2l2ZXNfQmlydGhfVG9fVHJpcGxldF83LmpwZw==.pngCurrently, the three leopard cat siblings are thriving and receiving attentive care. The Unique Biological Research and Conservation Center has taken the initiative to train and assess Hu Liwang and Hu Lixiu, ensuring that they are fit for reintroduction into their natural habitat. Hu Lixiu was sourced from Taipei Zoo.RW5kYW5nZXJlZF9MZW9wYXJkX0NhdF9Nb21fR2l2ZXNfQmlydGhfVG9fVHJpcGxldF84LmpwZw==.png

RW5kYW5nZXJlZF9MZW9wYXJkX0NhdF9Nb21fR2l2ZXNfQmlydGhfVG9fVHJpcGxldF85LmpwZw==.pngAccording to Taipei Zoo’s representative, Hu Liwang, it has been reported that…RW5kYW5nZXJlZF9MZW9wYXJkX0NhdF9Nb21fR2l2ZXNfQmlydGhfVG9fVHJpcGxldF8xMC5qcGc=.pngIf you enjoyed reading this heartwarming story, be sure to share it with your loved ones! Don’t forget to leave a comment and check out more animal tales on our page.

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