In Its Last Moments, the Dog Lay Beside His Sister, Offering Comfort With Its Presence

After her sister was hit by a car, this three-month-old puppy remained by the side of the deceased animal, showing unwavering loyalty.

The scared dog stayed with the female puppy for two days until a kind person buried her.

In the Sichuan Province of southwest China’s Pixian County, witnesses reported seeing two dogs – one brown and one grey – lying in the middle of the road.

The brown puppy would leap up and bark whenever a car approached, guarding the grey puppy’s body from being hit by passing vehicles.

They stayed there for several days until someone came to their rescue and moved them to safety on the side of the road.

Later, another compassionate individual dug a grave for the grey dog. Its sibling jumped into the hole, refusing to leave its companion behind.

Finally, staff members were able to retrieve the brown dog from the nearby animal shelter where it was being cared for.

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