Heartbroken Cat Has Spent 1 Year By Her Dead Owner’s Grave

However that didn’t work– the next day the feline went to her owner’s grave as usual. The only times she leaves the spot is when she goes to her owner’s children’s house where they feed her. Strangers that see her also provide her food and water, however the cat wants nothing but to roll in the earth and sleep at the serious every night.

” She sleeps there and meows,” Keli told The Mirror. “It’s extremely sad to see. It shows simply how close animals are to their owners.”

Animal experts claim that although cats can seem amazing andaoof, grieving after an owner’s death is real. Felines can become anxious, lose interest in the external world, and become unlike themselves. In some serious cases, it is encouraged to contact a vet and talk about getting anti-anxiety medication for your cat.

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