Heart-wrenching Scene: Parent Canine Excavates Deceased Pup in an Attempt to Resuscitate

This is certainly a very sad moment. The story is extremely poignant as the mother’s pain over the loss of her child is evident.

In the video, a mother dog tries to bring her deceased pup back to life by digging it out from the grave.

Photo: Youtube Viral Press pawmypets.com


Regrettably, Kookie, a three-year-old Labrador retriever mix, lost one of her puppies after giving birth to a litter in Zamboanga, Philippines.

On Monday morning, Kookie woke up her owner Kaye de Luna and her family by barking in a foreboding manner about a deceased puppy.


The puppy was laid to rest in the backyard, so when their mother was taken for a walk a few hours later, she had unknowingly just visited the puppy’s burial site and she was trying to resuscitate her baby!

The video depicts a truly heart-wrenching moment as a mother dog tries desperately to revive her deceased puppy. The pain and anguish she feels over the loss of her child are palpable.

The video shows the heart-wrenching moments when the mother dog began digging to reach her child. When she finally reached the deceased puppy, she tearfully attempted to revive him. This is a truly heart-wrenching scene.

Watch the video below.


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