Dog Is Often Rejected Till This Woman Notices His Attractiveness.

Some individuals criticize others based on their outer looks, forgetting that what counts most is their inner beauty.

Lucky is a dog who has been abandoned several times in order to stand out from the crowd. Many people who witnessed his live could not believe what they saw and could not allow themselves the opportunity to meet this magnificent dog, but one person did.


Lucky was hatched in a hatchery with a facial abnormality and was thus deemed unsellable. So he was sent to a shelter to find him a home, but it was really difficult because people prejudiced against him because of his appearance.

She traveled through numerous homes during her adoption procedure, until she eventually arrived at a household in Austin, Texas, where it appeared her luck would change.


Lucky had a very miserable and lonely existence, despite the fact that he had found a permanent home, because his owner did not want him at home. Because the woman owned cats, she kept Lucky outside, sometimes for days, without a bed and with little human interaction.


The unfortunate dog was even fed sparingly; he was ignored, mistreated, abused, and never provided the affection he needed.

Finally, the family chose to surrender Lucky to the shelter since they were moving and did not want to take him with them; it was clear to them that Lucky was not a member of the family.

The dog was adopted again, but it wasn’t long before his new owners chose to return him to the shelter. But then something happened on social media that altered everything!


Lucky was taken to the hairdresser by a shelter worker to get him ready for some shots. When the photographs were shared on social media, they were seen by the appropriate person: a volunteer buddy called Jamie Hult.

The woman was so affected by the dog’s story that she wanted to see Lucky immediately away and, even better, she wanted to adopt Lucky right away!


Jamie stated to IHeartdogs:

“It turned out to be someone from my dog rescue world, so I phoned him right away and said, ‘I want that puppy.’” I don’t even want to foster him; I want to adopt that dog.

Unfortunately, Lucky was in bad condition and required immediate veterinarian care due to heartworm illness. The puppy was also emaciated and infested with fleas, but Jamie didn’t care; she loved him and would gladly open her pocketbook and heart for him.


Lucky had a long way to go to recover from his ailments, but with good medical care, he soon made a full recovery.

With a new home, a new life, and a new favorite person, the gorgeous canine gained a new name. It was known as “Beau Tox.”


Jamie stated:

“I named it Beaux Tox since it definitely looks like it requires botox, which is excellent. We value beauty in all of its manifestations. And the dog costs are exorbitant, which is why I don’t have botox!”


Everything has been happy and exciting for Jamie and Beaux Tox since they moved in together. He is now a healthy dog living a beautiful life; gone are the days of being chained to a tree, of misery and discrimination.


Beaux Tox will no longer be rejected because he is different from others; all he needs to do now is enjoy all the love that his human mother would shower on him.

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