Blooming Affection: Embracing Love amidst Rustic Delight

For more than five generations, the Morgan family has treasured their connection to Pharsalia, a precious inheritance that Foxie Morgan holds dear and strives to continue. Inspired by her mother’s love for gardening and creating unforgettable gatherings, Foxie set out on a path to establish her own flower farm and wedding enterprise back in 2006.

Pharsalia offers more than just a stunning display of blooming flowers; it hides an abundant collection of hidden gems, waiting to be uncovered. Within this captivating landscape, you’ll stumble upon delightful surprises at every turn – a diverse range of well-crafted, classic garden implements made from sturdy timber, alongside a captivating assortment of historical birdhouses and windmills, each with its own fascinating story to tell.

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As spring graces us with its presence, we are fortunate to witness the emergence of a captivating assortment of peonies. These exquisite flowers display a vibrant beauty, adorned with charming double-layered or triple-layered petals. From delicate whites and pinks to striking yellows and captivating bi-color combinations, nature offers a timeless palette of classic shades. What makes these peonies even more special is the sentimental touch they hold. Among their midst, flourishes a few precious blooms that were lovingly planted by her very own mother. These remarkable flowers now carry an enchanting allure that goes beyond their visual splendor.

Experience the enchanting realm of Pharsalia’s captivating floral creations and the delightful enhancements masterfully crafted by Foxie in the latest installment of Charlottesville Wine Country Weddings. Expertly captured by the talented Jen Fariello, this narrative will transport you to a world brimming with vibrant blossoms, as we unveil the distinctive touches that transform each arrangement into a truly magical masterpiece.

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