Adorable Feline with a Distinctive Visage that will Warm Your Soul

Cat, a Thai cat with a distinctive two-sided face, is capturing the hearts of people everywhere. Despite her unique appearance, she goes by the simple name of Cat, which seems fitting according to her Instagram bio stating that “Cats call themselves cats.” One quirky characteristic is her love for snacking on toilet paper, a behavior many cat owners may find relatable. It’s also intriguing to note that her closest companion happens to be a cockroach, proving that true friendship knows no bounds.This adorable kitty from Thailand has a distinctive two-tone face that makes her stand out from the crowd and captures everyone’s attention.Eve mentioned that the cat has a unique blend of Persian and Scottish heritage, but what really catches the eye is her face split between white and grey fur. The owner amusingly remarked that she resembles Harvey Dent from Batman. Additionally, Eve revealed that the kitty celebrated her birthday on August 23rd, 2018.On the other hand, while Cat may seem like a friendly feline, her true passion lies in hunting cockroaches. It appears that they are not as close to her heart as one might think. According to Eve, Cat is quite peculiar and has an unusual love for toilet paper. In fact, Eve has to hide the supply because it drives Cat wild. She’s definitely a cat with some unique quirks!The amount of love that Cat has for toilet paper seems to be never-ending. Her owner even jokes that if Cat could talk, she would probably say something like “Show me your love by sending me more toilet paper, my loyal fans!” It’s definitely a quirk to keep in mind about this feline.

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