“A Heartwarming Tale: The Determined Baby Cat Who Overcomes Paralysis to Seek Affection”

The name “Indy Scoots” is simply charming, just like the kitten himself! Despite his tough beginnings and being paralyzed, Indy is thriving with the help of a wheelchair and some feline companions. When he was just ten weeks old, Indy was brought to a shelter with injuries to his hind legs that required medical attention beyond what they could offer. In an effort to find him a foster home, a photo was shared of the determined little guy trying to climb out of his kennel.Upon coming across photos of Indy at St. Frances Society Animal Rescue in Florida, Michelle Fournier was immediately touched and moved to take action. Despite never having cared for a paralyzed cat before, Fournier felt a strong urge to help and save Indy. She made a promise to the rescue team that should they grant her permission to adopt Indy, she would provide him with the best possible care, regardless of whether he ever regains his ability to walk or not.

Indy was quickly accepted into the household by his fellow feline companions, who shower him with affection and grooming to boost his morale. Despite being differently-abled, Indy is always up for a good play-fight with his furry siblings and can easily keep up with them while skittering around on his scooty. To further aid in his recovery, Fournier helps him train his hind legs for increased strength. While Indy still requires assistance in using the litter box, he never complains and is continually improving each day.Fournier is enthusiastic about spreading Indy’s story as she believes it’ll inspire people that disabled animals can lead joyful and satisfying lives. Despite being unable to use his hind legs completely, Indy has managed to climb up to the lower level of the cat tree without anyone’s help! For regular updates on Indy’s life, you can keep track of him on Instagram!

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